Ein Verdani

my alt character

the bright, happy, & thoughtful
| Capricorn | Sun | Day |


Ein is a crafty guy and in his spare time he likes to make stuff. He’s a little tinkerer! He will make bracelets by threading different types of bands and strings, he’ll even use different types of beads and what not. 

He also likes to scrapbook. He’ll print out photos he likes of cute memories and paste them into a book with nice stock papers and borders and stuff. 

He’s pretty decent at the above, but the third hobby he likes to do is cooking which he aims to get better at. He’s alright at it, and more than capable. He excels at making a good breakfast, but he knows to practice more on dinner type of meals. He can really knock it out of the park sometimes, but sometimes he needs a lot of work. As for desserts, he loves making them and they taste decent and look great. 

Ein can get frazzled easily sometimes but with a bit of consolation he can feel a lot better. He likes it when someone shows love and affection, even care for him. He usually is on the positive end of the spectrum but if shit happens, he can work himself up and get terrified of impending doom.

He has a pet cat named Muffin, and he loves her. She makes him super happy. He also has an interest in taking care of plants, watering, and even gardening. He’s a big fan of nature in general and enjoys it everytime he goes out.

Ein lives in his grandma’s house, and she had passed away when he was in high school. He lived alone since then and just had muffin, his cat. His grandma would do a lot of knitting so he has a lot of beloved shawls and blankets from her that are meaningful to him.

It’s also apart of why he finds comfort in tribal type of designs, they bring a sense of homeliness to him.

He found out he was bisexual really early on, around his middle school days. He loved everyone around him very easily and tried to have fun with his friends.

He was teased and bullied growing up and throughout school, and eventually things got better around the time he graduated.

Ein in short is a very thoughtful person with a big heart. And despite talking too much out of nerves or just plain fun sometimes, he always means well. If a friend is hurt or sad, he’d do anything to defend them or help them.

Ein sometimes doesn’t make sense, but that’s only because he, himself is confused.

And he does have accessories like earrings, he likes beaded bracelets or braided bracelets, since he likes making them for fun. he doesn’t wear gloves too often unless it’s for crafting or to match a cute outfit.


Depending on what he’s doing he’ll wear things accordingly, but regardless he likes and enjoys fashions

He loves cute small backpacks too.

Various Artworks of Ein for Reference

all artworks are created by different artists, do not reproduce

artists: darianhart, nishidu, gannonthighmaster

note: if you are drawing Ein, please keep in mind he does not canonically have cat ears, that's just for fun!
Ein has a pet tabby cat named Muffin. a blue butterfly around is appreciated in the art as well!