Darian Hart

my main character

the mellow, soft, & sentimental
| Aquarius | Moon | Night |


Darian Hart: A character that is an extension of myself, and of course he has his own creative twists and quirks! Here's a brief spiel about him.

Personality: An Aquarius, like myself! He is a sentimental soul at times but loves to stay focused and get the important things done. He can be a total softie at times but knows that even HE has to step forward and make the hard decisions. Although he enjoys his time alone, he also savors the time he spends with his friends, because they mean so much to him. He is usually content, but if he isn't, he tends to internalize some issues before even thinking about burdening his loved ones with his plight. Eventually, he does come around and speak when he is ready. He loves clear communication and problem solving, and always chooses to do what's right for the greater good. Some people think he's just an emo kid, but that's far off the mark because he actually knows how to have fun and break away from issues. In fact, he often gives advice to the people he cares for so he can help himself by helping them.

Favorite Things: Seafood. He loves sushi, shrimp alfredo pasta, and relaxing in beautiful places, and sometimes even in the comfort of his own room. He loves to be creative, he draws, writes, and is an avid supporter of music. He loves going to the beach during an overcast sky, since gloomy weather is typically his favorite. Swimming, running, and gaming are also great past times, and if he had more free time he'd learn how to cook new recipes. He always had an interest in food creation, but due to time constraints his menu of things he can make is relatively short. He really likes animals... but he doesn't own any, and is often stuck in a stupor of admiration if one catches his eye, or if his friends show him theirs. Cute things are great in his opinion, but they also frustrate him because it makes him feel so fuzzy inside. What is love?!

Traits: He is 5'10, has light blue eyes and dark hair alongside a light complexion. He enjoys his ear piercings - something he rarely speaks about, since it hides behind his hair. He has no tattoos, though is very interested by the symbolism they can represent.

Lover: When it comes to loving, he is very fierce and prefers to remain in control of every situation. He, however, remains completely open-minded to any type of possibility, and is in fact very entertained when his partner surprises him with something different or even tries to put up a front and fight back. He is very sadistic when he wants to be, but at the same time he is no stranger to any pain returned. He can be coaxed into different ideas, and is susceptible to words and whispers.

Issues: He smokes when he is severely stressed and becomes slightly fidgety and finicky when he's feeling it. When he's happy, he has no desire to succumb, but when he's at his low, he will ruin himself unintentionally. He drinks only on social occasions, or again, when he's highly stressed or coaxed into it. Sometimes when he's distressed he's unable to rip away from his perspective and shuts out other possibilities of reasons because he's blinded himself. When clarity strikes, he can be the most apologetic - and he can clearly understand and pinpoint his own issues. Sometimes he just needs to get over things alone, and he rides it out the way he knows best.

Qualities: The qualities he savors in others are the following: Love, Loyalty, Kindness, Honesty, Communication, Open-Mindedness, and Courage.

Various Artworks of Darian for Reference

all artworks are created by different artists, do not reproduce

artists: darianhart, panj, machi, machopiika, gannonthighmaster, lulujin, itadamaru, heathazard (julo), io, hoja, nisidu

note: if you are drawing Darian, please keep in mind he does not canonically have cat ears, that's just for fun!
a blue butterfly is always around and appreciated in the art as well!